Virgin Islands Good Food Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a more nutritious, self-reliant, and equitable food system in the US Virgin Islands.

Established by Sommer Sibilly-Brown in 2012, VI Good Food Coalition is a project under the St. Croix Foundation for Community Development. Our mission is to cultivate a unique and nourishing food system for innovation, economic development, and agricultural growth in the territory.

VI Good Food Coalition holds a distinct role in the community, working to bridge the gap between USVI consumers, government, private industry and policy makers, to facilitate long-term change and help strengthen the USVI food system.

We create partnerships and leverage resources that address the root causes of food insecurity in the USVI. Our programs and services provide strategies and solutions to assist local farmers with increasing production, establishing business infrastructures, and accessing markets – all with the focus of putting more local and healthy produce in the hands of Virgin Islanders. 


Our work is driven by our vision of a resilient US Virgin Islands food system that represents our cultural heritage, promotes community, and connects us to our food self-sufficiency. We focus on improving food security, food sovereignty, and agro-sustainability for the USVI.

Food Security
Building partnerships and markets to drive more local food production and reduce barriers to access to good food for every individual while working for a more resilient food system in the USVI.

Food Sovereignty
Ensuring the USVI has self-determination of food choices at home, in school, and in stores, instead of allowing global supply chains to decide what Virgin Islanders can buy and cook to eat.

Being stewards for USVI’s healthy soil, air, waters, and farming practices for future generations to enjoy and thrive.